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KYM Field School

A school designed to explore the ludic. A few elements that could make the school more attractive to the eyes of a kid were added to the project, such as bright colours and textures. For the design project for a school in Africa, we were led by the comprehension of concepts that based us to make choices related to the project: transfer of resources; compressed earth block and local technologies; educational architecture; school as a village; comfort solutions; solar energy; water well and solar pump; educational furniture; energy and water collect; comfort solutions; ludic perspective.

The limit of 100m² to the construction was broken in four different buildings: 2 classrooms of 34m² for 30 students each, organized one in front of the other separated by 7 meters of circulation that can work as an extension of the classrooms; 1 staff unit to host the teacher's room (20m²), materials storage (6m²) and a technical room (6m²); and 1 building of 10m² to accommodate the girls’ and boys’ toilets.

Team Pedro Haruf, Gabriel Nardelli & Mayra Reis
Year 2015
Role Designer and visualiser
Category Competition Entry
Stage Concept Design
Location Tropical Savanna Africa